Gambling Laws in Australia

Gambling Law in Australia

As far as the players are concerned, the gambling law of Australia is quite simple. This can be attributed to the fact that this continent does not have any kind of legislation or law regarding to betting or any of the other practices associated with gambling. There is nothing in the penal code that suggests any penalty for participating in card games, casino games or sports betting.

The biggest problem faced by the Australian residents is finding suitable online sites, land based casinos and bookmakers to make their wagers. There are hundreds of online casinos, betting sites and poker rooms which are providing their services and accepting financial transactions in Australian dollars. While studying gambling law in Australia one must always try to differentiate between gambling rules for operators and individual players.

Gaming Rules for Local Operators

There is a little bit of complex environment for the online gaming operators as far as the gaming laws in Australia are concerned. This complexity originated in 2001, when Australia passed Interactive Gambling Act. This legislation made it mandatory for the local online gaming operators to follow a long list of rules and regulations. This legislation is bit complicated due to the extended list of requirements that are required to be followed for providing services in Australia.

Unfortunately this law has made majority of the online gambling activities by local operators illegal and not to be offered to the residents. The only good thing is that this law made it an exception for sports and horse race betting. Though these activities are legal according to this law but they must follow certain rules and procedures. One of such rules makes it compulsory that all the bets and books must be completed before the commencement of a sport. This means that you cannot wait and watch a part of the game and then make a wager through an online operator. There are many reputed online betting sites that provides sports book for Australian residents, so this law does not have too much impact on the local population.

This law does not forbid the local gaming operators from providing their services to their clients from other countries. There is restriction on providing such services only on the countries which does not allow the Australian residents to participate in such activities. To some extent, Australian citizens are not required to comply with the rules set up under this legislation. This is the sole duty of the operators to block residents from accessing gaming activities except for the ones allowed by this law. In a nutshell this situation can be described as inconsequential for the citizens while operators have to face all the brunt if caught on the wrong side of the law.

Gambling Rules for Offshore Operators

Even though Interactive Gambling Act makes it illegal for the offshore gaming operators to provide their services to the Australian Citizens, but in reality there is no strict adherence to this policy. There are thousands of online gaming sites which have been dealing with clients from Australia and till today there has been no severe action taken against them. Unlike United States of America, Australia does not have any legislation that deals with unlawful internet gaming. The only law is the Interactive Gambling Act which prohibits such activities but does not have the required penal sections to enforce it. The UIGEA act of USA prohibits and targeted the banking and financial services to undertake any sort of financial transaction involved in such activities. On the other hand Australia does not have such financial regulations in place. This allows the Australian citizens to deposit and withdraw their monies from offshore gambling sites rather easily.

Prohibition for In-Play Sports Betting

In-Play betting allows a punter to make multiple bets during the course of any sports event. This allows a bookkeeper to balance the books and the punters to further increase the size of their total wager or neutralize if there is any apprehension of losing the game. An example of this can be taken from a cricket match when a punter is watching the live match and making several bets on both sides during the course of the game. Interactive Gambling Act prohibits such activities for sports betting. If you are an Australian citizen and want to place such bets then you can avail services of any of the online sports betting sites. These sites are not bound by such acts and provide a whole gamut of betting options ranging from simple betting to point spreads.