Gambling Laws Update – April 2019

Gambling Laws Update – April 2019

Monthly Gambling Law Updates

West Virginia Passed Online Gambling

In the beginning of the month of April, West Virginia moved on to pass the online gambling bill which now legalize all sorts of casino gambling in the state. The Bill 2934 became law as the governor of the state failed to take any action on this bill which was earlier cleared by the state council in the last year.

As he didn’t act on the proposed bill now it will become a law after a lapse of fifteen days. After the enactment of this law, Virginia will be one of the five states which have legalized online poker and other casino games. The conditions mentioned in the law are quite similar to the one issued by other states and allow players with age of 21 or above to participate in such activities.

New Swedish Gambling Act

The Swedish Gambling which came into force on January 1, 2019 was first cleared in June of 2018 by the parliament. This new gambling law deals with all types of gambling activities that involve cash transactions. Under this law, gaming companies will be provided with licences to operate in Sweden. In the initial phase, more than 80 such companies applied for licences. Out of these only 60 have been approved by the licensing authorities.

Even the operators who were initially provided with the licences are further required to obtain clearance certificates for their technical solutions by any of the accredited bodies supported by the Swedish authorities. Last date for such accreditation is July 1, 2019 and anyone who fails to provide such certificates will not be allowed to operate and the license will be cancelled.

Ohio Senate and House Face Off on Sports Betting

As per the latest inputs, a confrontation is getting build up between Ohio state Senate and House over the implementation of the gambling laws for sports betting. While the House is of the opinion that such activities should be controlled by Ohio Lottery Commission, on the other hand Senate is backing Ohio Casino Control Commission. A bill introduced by both parties in House would move on to place sports betting under the purview of Lottery Commission and all the revenue, more than $30 million per annum, will be used for the K-12 Education.

The other bipartisan Senate bill of March 2019, gives out a feeling that Ohio Casino Control Commission is much more suitable to handle the intricacies related with sports betting and declares Ohio Lottery Commission to be too archaic to handle such cases.

Florida State and Tribal Gambling Agreement Faces Legal Challenge

A proposal of an agreement to be signed between Florida state and Seminole Tribe has raised the hackles of some socio-political groups which can lead to a legal wrangling. Even though it is a long shot that an agreement will be signed between the concerned senator and tribal representatives, supporters of constitutional amendments have issued notices to the legislators.

They are of the opinion that any such move should be supported by constitutional amendment which further requires public voting for authorizing new expansions in gambling sector. As per the constitutional amendment of 2018, it is clearly stated that casino gambling in Florida requires votes by the public. Casino gambling is further defined to any type of games which are provided in a casino and comes Class III gaming as per the federal law. As per the news in the grapevine the Republican senator, who is stated to become President of the Senate, is actively pursuing talks with the representatives of Seminole Tribe to chalk out a new gambling agreement that can created additional revenues from the state.