Monthly Gambling Laws Update

Gambling Laws Update – August 2019

Monthly Gambling Laws Update

UK Law Deems Loot Boxes Out of Gambling Law

According to the statement made by Chief Regulator of gambling to the parliament of the United Kingdom, loot boxes cannot be reviewed under the current gambling law of the country. This statement was made specifically in relation to the FIFA series based Ultimate Team card game.

He further stated that he may have some concerns about such type of games and their growing popularity in children. According to the chief executive of the Gambling Commission, such concerns are farfetched as there are no ways in which the contents of these games can be monetized.

The gambling laws of United Kingdom can be only applicable on games in which either money or any type of another monetary transactions take place. On the other hand, such games only provide virtual items that can be exchanged or traded between the players.

Statements were also made in relation to other forms of prize distribution ceremonies and programs which are not considered under the gambling law. Such things are not previewed under such laws because even though they give out cash prizes, free entries are provided to the participants thus it can’t be categorized as gambling or lottery.

Legal Battle Continues for Sports Betting Site

In a curious turn of events, Camden a city of New Jersey is going through a legal battle to decide whether a developer can administer a sports book at one of its former racetracks. This case pertains to Garden State Park, which is one of the five racetracks in New Jersey that allow sports betting.

Greenwood Racing which is currently operating this racetrack is facing a legal bout with Cherry Hill Towne Center Partners to operate a sports book. In the statement, the developer of this area had stated that they were quite near to finalize a deal with one of the companies that are operating in New Jersey. On the completion of this deal, they will be able to get approval of the state licensing authority in just a few months. In contrast to this,

Greenwood Racing contends that a document signed in 1999, curtails anyone from running a sports book or facility from the site. In relation to this statement, the developer state that they are ready to move for a license without going into a dispute related to this document produced by the opposing party.

Lockport, IL to Strengthen Video Gaming Regulations

In order to clarify and help the retail business establishments to install video games, the city of Lockport is considering addition of new rules into the existing ordinances. This decision was taken by the city council in view of the fact that former is now a home ruled municipality. The city had already made a requirement for such businesses to have a kitchen in order to curb the increase of the gambling establishment in the city. Apart from this provision, the city of Lockport does not have any other hard regulations.

The state of Illinois through its gaming laws and regulations makes it mandatory for establishment providing such facilities to have a liquor license. In the recent past, the city had also expanded the restriction of five terminals of video games to six. Due to the huge rush for the demand of liquor licences, now the city council is considering new rules and regulations. In the meeting the council deliberated on the requirement of C-1 liquor license requirement for installing video terminals; capping of the licenses; establishing a new gaming licence and to gain limiting the number of video terminals.

Unibet Fined €450,000 by Dutch Authorities

In retaliation to the unauthorized and explicit targeting of general public to avail its services, Unibet had been fined with a huge amount of €470,000 by the Dutch gaming authority. The site run by this gaming company provides games such as roulette and poker along with sports betting services.

The players can use the chat service or online payment system to make a deposit on this gambling site. Apart from this the terms and conditions of this site does not include the name of Netherland in the list of countries where gambling is not allowed. In a similar case, another gambling company Bwin was fined to the tune of €350,000 for breaking gambling laws.

It should be taken into account that Holland Casino is the only stated regulated gambling company in the country which is allowed to provide gambling services to the Dutch public. Even with strict restrictions in place, foreign sports books and firms still flout these regulations to target its clientele.

Even casinos that are regulated by a governing body like the UK Gambling Commision, which is quite strict are getting fined for various offences. However we are aware that review sites like are also looking into this aspect before listing a casino on their site. We have recently communicated with them and they stated that its their priority to be listing only fair and trustworthy casinos. This is probably why in their live casino reviews, they have start including if a casino operator has been fined or not. For example on their 888 live casino review they are making the public aware that Online gambling firm 888 hit with record £7.8m penalty. The Gambling Commission said there were “significant flaws” in the firm’s social responsibility processes.

GTA Online Casino Cocks a Snook at International Gambling Law

Even with the huge debate running all over the world in relation to the video games and monetization related to it, GTA has decided to open another can of worms by providing an online casino to its players. It all happened when the governments from multiple countries are in discussion to define gambling provided inside video games; the legality of such games and creation of a perfect definition to protect the consumers.

Even with such arguments being discussed, Rockstar Games had decided to ride roughshod on these considerations related to International gambling laws and opened an online casino called Diamond Casino and Resort. This casino is the new playground for the participants of the online game to gamble and get involved in all types of nefarious activities.

These activities provided in this online casino have raised the hackles of multiple gaming control agencies from all over the world. Even though there seems to be no restrictions being made in countries like United States, Japan and Western European block, but It is also reported that more than fifty countries have already restricted the access to the gambling portion of this online game.