Gambling Laws Update – December 2018

Bristol Files Bill to Make Way for Casino

The lawmakers of the Bristol, TN has decided to consider the view of the public regarding the proposed casino project for the city. Senator Bill Carico along with Delegate Israel O’Quinn charted out the timeline required for the completion of this project.

This matter relates to the proposal made by the Developers to open a casino in Bristol Mall which is clearly against the gambling law of Virginia. The first Virginia law does not allow any of such establishments on its territory. According to the senator, the new legislation to change the law will be introduced in the upcoming session of the legislative.

If this law gets clearance from the House and Senate then it can be in force before July of 2019. It was further added that this legislation is also open for public scrutiny and will require a referendum from their side. This clearly indicates that people will have the final say regarding where the developers want to build the planned casino.

Sports Gambling Legislation Seeks Federal Regulation

Two senators from Democrats and Republicans announced this week that in the coming days they will introduce a legislative bill in order to regulate the sports betting across USA. This Sports Wagering Market Integrity Act is the result of the Supreme Court’s ruling that overruled the Gambling Act of 1992 prohibiting states to indulge any sort of legalized gambling.

After this decision it was expected that the whole country will see a patchwork of legal laws enacted by the states for their individual gambling industry. According to the senators, it was felt that the Congress is required to ensure that the sports betting in the country follows the integrity related with the sports and protect participants from any sort of corruption.

This legislation will also deter the sports leagues to take a cut from the hundred billion revenue created due to sports betting activities. It will also clear the way to allow betting during the Olympics as well as college sports. It is also mandated that a “self-exclusion list” must also be there to help people suffering from gambling problems.

Wire Act Under Consideration for Allowing Sports Betting

In the year 2018, eight of the states had legalized sports betting in response to the Supreme Court’s order overruling Gambling Act of 1992. It is expected that a greater number of states will also legalize sports betting in the coming year. The only problem faced by the supporter of this new gaming regime is the Wire Act of 1961 which was enacted to control mafia.

Now this act is coming into the way of enacting new gambling laws for sports betting. The federal legislators are of the view that there must be some changes made to this act in order to clear the road ahead but it is still not clear what are the changes that are required to be made into the Wire Act. This law prohibits persons engaging in any type of betting to transmit gambling data and information across the state. It does not allow any of the wire services including internet or telephony to spread such data.

On the other hand, multiple states are allowing sports betting to their residents and even allow transmission of information between two states allowing such activities. But the problem is with the transmission of such data through intermediary states which does not allow such activities. It is expected that a new legislation will be filled by the federal govts to make some amendments in the Wired Act of ‘60s.

Sports Betting Legalized by D. C. Council

After giving approval to the sports betting in the second week of the December, D. C. Council had made the national capital to the first in this region to allow such activities. The final approval given by the council allows residents as well as the visitors to wager money on sport events taking place in this area. This bill saw no opposition during the voting and was cleared with the majority vote of 11 in favour.

This legislation was required since the overturn of the gambling law by the Supreme Court which now allows sports betting outside the states which were the only destinations before this overruling. This judgement by the SC allowed all of the states to look towards sports betting as a new source of generating taxes. It is expected that sports betting industry will expand quite rapidly after being allowed by the D. C. Council.

Now the district is one of the eight states which allow sports gambling. After this approval anyone above the age of eighteen is allowed to participate in sports betting. The supporter of this bill assume that people were already investing in sports betting so government should legalize it and help in to regulate such activities to ensure the protection of the participants.

Critics on the other side feels that idea of vast revenues are always exaggerated and such practices creates social evils such as addiction with gambling.

Michigan Tribal Casino Finds Local Support

The proposal made by the Little River Band of Ottawa Indian to construct a multi-million casino resort in their territory received a large and unexpected support from the local people. According to the news reports a large gathering of local public attended a meeting related to this project and ninety percent of the attendants supported the proposed project.

This meeting was also attended by local political representatives, business leaders, government officials as well as member of social organizations. This meeting backed the proposed project of converting the Great Lake Down Racetrack into a casino resort with capacity of more than two hundred rooms.

The local tribal leader also confirmed that his tribe had purchased this 60-acre track site in 2008 with a hope that it will be developed to provide employment to the local population. If all goes well with the proposed project than this casino resort will have an additional area of more than seventy thousand square feet to accommodate 1750 slot games along with 35 tables for the casino games.