Gambling Laws Update – July

Gambling Laws Update – July 2019

Gambling Law Update

Queen of Virginia Gets the Boot

The elected prosecutor from the state of Charlottesville, Joseph Platania, has ordered the local retailers to remove Queen of Virginia game from their premises. It is a known fact that this game was never been called a slot game and if we go by the statements issued by Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority then this game is not even categorized as gambling.

According to the developer of this game, it is a skill-based game which was given a legal status by Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control in 2017. According to Mr. Platania, this game involves cash transactions; involves symbols combination and the player can win or lose money in this game, so it should be categorized as a slot or a gambling option. According to him there were some serious concerns raised by the local citizens regarding the presence of these slot games which led to this order for the retailers to self-police and remove these machines even if they are licensed to have them.

Chicago Mayor Proposes Huge Gambling Expansion

If all goes well with the plans envisaged by the mayor of Chicago city then there will be huge boost to the existing infrastructure of the city. His plans which have a budget of more than $45 billion involves not only new public infrastructure but also involves construction of a casino in the city. There is also a proposal for allowing other gambling options such as sports betting in the state. This project is named as “Rebuild Illinois” and is planned to invest the whole budget over a period of six years.

Even though there are more than six thousand businesses that are currently dealing in video gaming, with this new plan it seems now that they are going to double in the coming years. The proposed Chicago casino is stated to contribute a huge chunk of revenues which can be further utilized to improve public infrastructure and generate employment. The proposed casino will be allowed to provide more than four thousand gaming positions which will be the largest from any of the other casinos currently operating in the state.

D.C. Council Clears Sports Betting Contract

Giving a huge boost to the sports betting business in Washington D.C. the Council entered into a contract with Intralot to manage and provide sports betting and online lotteries in the state. Intralot is one of the top ranking gaming companies from Greece and specializes in development and supply of integrated gambling processing systems along with other services related to online gambling. This contract was passed with a narrow margin of just two votes out of the 13 members of the council. Before the voting all the members expressed their concerns about this deal which involves more than $215 million for a period of five years.

There were also some concerns regarding Intralot being the sole bidder for this contract. As per the experts of this field, it is reported that this contract will benefit only a few of the local gaming sub-contractors which are known for their political connections. If all goes well then it is expected that punters will be able to place their bets at local shops before the end of the fall this year. Intralot is also expected to launch a mobile app at the start of next year which will make betting on sports much easier and accessible.

Gambling Laws Update – july 2019 – Illinois Endorses New Sports Betting Law

At the start of the July, the governor of Illinois took a very bold initiative to legalize sports betting in the state. Even though the sport betting is now legal in Illinois, it doesn’t mean that people can start betting on their favorite teams straight away. One thing which stands out from this whole affair is the fact that this bill represents a major change in the stance of the states which used to be against all types of gambling activities.

After the enactment of the sport betting law, State Gaming Board is now going through the drafting of terms and conditions related to licensing of the prospective sport betting providers. Once this procedure is completed and licenses are issued, only then the punter can be able to make a wager.

Pennsylvania Allows 24×7 Online Gambling

Online casino gambling is now available 24×7 in Pennsylvania. This decision was taken after the trials made by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board which included two casinos were successful. These trials included running operations of online gambling portals for a week to provide 24×7 services related to online gaming.

Only the persons above the age of 21 were allowed to participate in this trial. Apart from Pennsylvania, there are now three more states which are providing such facilities to their residents. The two casinos that included Parx Casino and Penn National’s Hollywood Casino for trial are now authorized to provide such online services via gaming portals and apps.

It is expected that more casinos will be allowed under this scheme. Pennsylvania currently generates more than three billion dollars from gambling activities. After allowing casinos to operate 24×7, it is expected that it will further lead to a huge increase in the government’s revenue generation.