Gambling Laws Update – June 2019

Gambling Laws Update – June 2019

Gambling Law Update

Senate Clears New York Sports Betting Bill

It seems that the New York sports betting bill may have passed one of its first hurdles by being passed by the Senate. In the start of this week this bill was passed with a majority decision with 57 votes in its favour and 5 votes against. There is a hope that this bill will also have appropriate support in the Assembly. According to the media reports all the credit for this development goes to Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. who parlayed with democratic senators to iron out the minor changes that were required in the article.

After his meeting, he clearly indicated that this bill will be passed by the committee too. Even though he is not sure about the fate of this bill in the Assembly, but he is quite confident about the fact that there will be general support by the Democratic members. He is in touch with 76 of these members and if they all voted to pass the legislation then there will be a simple majority. Now all eyes are upon Speaker of the Assembly who is quite vocal about his opposition to this new legislation.

District Court Rejects DOJ Wire Act Opinion

In an unexpected move, District Court of New Hampshire has trashed the Wire Act opinion given by DOJ. It is quite a significant move which can lead to a big impact on online as well as land based sports betting. It all started with the objection made by the state iLotteries which felt that this opinion might have negative impact on its business. Taking this objection ahead, the New Hampshire Lottery challenged this opinion in the District Court.

Objections were raised in the court against the prosecutions envisaged by the DOJ in relation to any type of gaming operations. Interstate data transmission was also part of the objections raised by the litigants. After going through the history of this act along with federal and statutory laws, District Court felt that even though the opinion was ambiguous in its language but does not applicable to non-sports gambling such as lotteries. The court also stated that the prohibition under the act is applicable for sports gambling only and set aside the opinion letter submitted by the DOJ in its entireness.

Swiss Gamers Lose Access to Foreign Casinos

In a retrograde move Swiss government has decided to ban all type of foreign casinos to provide their services to the general public. This new provision was part of the plan to restrict and control online gaming in the country. The real intention behind this latest move is to prepare the field for the new authorized online casinos which will be available from July, 2019.

The law banning illegal online gaming sites was introduced in the January itself but blocking will start from the July of this year. From the next month, Swiss players will only be allowed to access gambling sites and lotteries that pay taxes in Switzerland. Soon a list of the illegal gambling sites will be provided and they will be given a chance to draw voluntarily or get blocked at DNS level. An advisory is also being issued for the Swiss gamers to contact their previous service providers to get their dues as Swiss government does not have any jurisdiction over them. As per the latest figures this law will stop more than $250 million per annum going into the coffers of the gambling sites based on foreign lands.

Hainan Province of China Abolishes Gambling Prohibition

Even though there was an announcement made by the local government of Hainan province stating the abolition of the gambling prohibition, but there are no specific outputs were provided in relation to legalizing of the gambling there. As per the rough estimation more than fourteen of the laws related with gambling were decommissioned. Out of all these, the law which attracted most of the attraction is the one related with prohibition of gambling and prostitution in this province. As per the analysis made by the JP Morgan, this abolition is a damp squib as local laws of the provinces are superseded by the central laws.

They also termed this abolition as a “common practice” to get rid of the unnecessary local laws and regulations. These types of abolitions were also made in other provinces ranging from Yunnan to Shanghai, while Macau still remains the only territory of China where gambling is legal.

NHS Opens Clinic for Gambling Addicts

In a positive move NHS has now started first of its clinics that will provide help to gambling addicts from the age of 13 to 25. All this is part of the government’s policy to expand operations that can help addicts from all sections of the society. NHS is also planning to open 14 or more of such clinics all over the country. The Gambling Commission that regulates the gaming industry in England will provide all the help required to provide support for this cause.