Gambling Laws Update – March 2019

Gambling Laws Update – March 2019

Monthly Gambling Law Update

British Gambling Regulator to Restrict Credit

As per the latest updates, British gambling regulator is considering to restrict or even ban deposits from credit cards by online as well as land-based gambling companies. As per their future plans, a gambling operator would not be able to take deposits from its clients via credit cards.

Now regulators have asked for consultations related to this matter and after going through it will be decided whether certain restrictions or a full-scale prohibition is necessary or not. It will be considered whether there are effective protections provided under the law to safeguard interests of the consumer.

According to the experts of gambling law, now the onus is on the gambling companies to prove that their clients are not gambling with the money that they cannot afford. It should be noted that land-based gambling already has restrictions related to credit and now these laws can be also get extended to online gaming. For attaining evidence against misuse of credit, the regulators have now requested information from gaming operators, charities with debt relief, consumers as well as the credit card companies.

Labour Supports Stricter Online Gaming Restrictions

If voted to power, Labour party is considering to overhaul the existing gambling laws and propose new ones to make major reforms in the gambling industry. As per the new rules govt will decide how much money can be wagered by an individual along with certain measures that will not allow a gambler to wager more than his risk capacity.

According to Tom Watson, the deputy leader, there have been series of circumstances involving scandals that makes it mandatory to overhaul current regulations guiding gambling industry as they are quite insufficient. This had resulted in gross misuse, abuse and excesses made by online gambling operators as well as local bookies.

Mr. Watson had already submitted proposals which can lead to major crack down on the gambling companies. He is already challenging the Gambling Act of 2005 passed by Tony Blair as unfit for the current digital age. According to him, even now the land-based gambling is highly regulated on the other hand the online ones lack such regulations resulting in suffering of helpless consumers.

Tennessee to Legalize Sports Gambling

A bill passed in last month of February, 2019 may open the borders of Tennessee to legal sports betting. If all goes well with this reform then the local people of this state will be allowed to support their favourite sports activity ranging from dog racing to basketball. This idea is the brainchild of Rep.

Rick Staples who wants to legalize sports gambling in his state. Even today any type of gambling activity is not allowed in Tennessee. There are rising concerns over the loss of more than three billion dollars’ worth of revenue which could have been generated by allowing casino gambling alone.

As Supreme Court had already allowed states to take their own decisions in regards to any sort of gambling, Tennessee is now on the verge of implanting their own. As per the latest proposal, there will be ten percent tax on sports betting. This bill also allows local jurisdiction to decide whether they want to allows betting upon their local teams such as Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators.

Change of Gambling Law in Portugal

As per the new decree numbered 98/2018 related to gambling law of Portugal, now the transfer of power from administration agency has been relocated to the local authorities’ body. The latter will decide the modalities related to exploration and implementation of rules and regulation associated with all gambling activities.

Their power will extend from raffles to quizzes and contests of knowledge. This decree law is an amendment to already existing decree bearing number 422/89. Under this new decree there will be a qualified authority that will have the power to authorize the research upon the modalities related with all types of gambling activities in one form or other, with special attention being given to the advertising contests sponsored by major companies.

NCAA Uncertain Over Gambling in Tournaments

Today NCAA’s condition seems to be dwindling right between the devil and the deep blue seas as they are not able to take a stand in relation to gambling and upcoming basketball tournaments. Even after Supreme Court allowing sports betting, NCAA was totally against any type of such activities during their sports events. But today they are neither denying this reality nor allowing the law to prevail. It had been a long time stand by the NCAA which does not allow championship matches to be conducted in the places where sports betting is allowed.

This rule got suspended due to the Supreme Court’s order which also ended the monopoly of Nevada to conduct such championships. As the future basketball matches under the aegis of NCAA are scheduled to take place in states like Providence, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island and Philadelphia, it will be interesting to see what their stand will be. It is expected that they may go for total ban on gambling advertisement during their events along with temporary closure of sportsbook during a live event.