Gambling Laws Update – May 2019

Gambling Laws Update – May 2019

Monthly Gambling Law Updates

Tennessee Governor Allows Sports Betting

Even with the stiff opposition from some of the social groups protesting against legalization of gambling, governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, has decided to allow sports betting.  He made his decision clear after stating the fact that he will not sign the law but will allow it.  This bill was sent to him for his approval after both houses had cleared this legislation.  Now as this bill has been cleared by the office of governor, it is expected that Tennessee will allow online sports betting from July 1, 2019.  It is important to note the fact that this bill was marginally passed by the Senate while the House saw no such biased stand by its members.  According to the governor’s office it is stated that even though he does not believe that it is in the best interest of the state to allow gambling, but he is aware of the fact that there are many members who wants to further explore this issue.  In keeping their views in mind, governor has decided to allow this bill to become law without his signature. 

UK MP Proposes Mandatory Levy on Gambling

There is an another setback for the UK gambling industry, which is already facing a hard time, when United Kingdom parliament decided to consider implementing a mandatory levy on all types of gambling activities.  The introduction of a bill dealing with this subject was forwarded by a Conservative MP, Richard Graham, which prayed to review the case related to the gambling industry and levy on their gross revenues.  The member expected that the concerned committee should make recommendations for the use of such taxes to be used for research in the field of gambling addiction, protection of the minors and safeguarding vulnerable people of the society.  This bill was introduced in the 10 minute session allowed for the backbenchers in the house.  If this bill gets cleared in the House of Commons then it may see further deep consideration during the second reading.

Gambling Advocacy Group Introduced Responsible Marketing

Even though sports betting have been legal in UK for a long period of time, but it is still new for USASports’ betting was recently allowed in the country when the Supreme Court struck down a federal law prohibiting states to allow such activities.  Since the last year, many of the states have now legalized gambling in one sort or another.  Keeping in the view that this industry is going to see a boom in the coming times, the American Gaming Association has now introduced its own version of responsible marketing code.  These self-imposed regulations will allow members of gambling industry to be ready for any complications arising from the increased advertising from this sector.  This new code regulates certain standards that should be adhered to while promoting gambling activities through media.   

Indiana Legalizes Sports Betting

Sports betting got a legal standing in Indiana, when Governor Eric Holcomb allowed a gaming bill that supported sports wagering via mobile and construction of a new casino.  After signing this legislation to become a law of the state, the governor further added that gambling is a strictly regulated industry and faces a lot of competition from the neighboring states as well as the new technology.  He went to add that by making modern amendments to the existing laws, will allow positive impact on the economic growth of the state.  It will further allow more employment for the people of the state and the revenue generated from this industry can be further used to create new employment opportunities.   According to the law makes of the state of Indiana, this bill is an unprecedented one and represents a huge change in the policy adopted by the state in relation to any sort of gambling.