Gambling Laws Update – October 2019

The City of Aurora to Change Gambling Laws

Aurora, Illinois is getting ready to tweak with some of its old laws related to online gambling and poker. Even though the change can be considered as slight, the impact can go much farther. According to the officials dealing with this change, it will be fairer to draw attention to the current laws even though the changes will be quite small. This attention will help in clearing out the doubts related to what is legal and illegal in the current scenario. The first and foremost concern is about the raffle. This bill of change will be able to clarify the terms and conditions related to this sport. Currently, in order to organize a raffle, the organizer is required to get a $5 to $10 license if the size of the pot goes beyond the mandatory $500. Further, the organizer must be a non-profiting organization or must have a non-profiting sponsor. According to the city’s counsel, the proposed changes will have nil to zero effect on the game of raffles or the poker games. The other changes in the laws deal with Illegal gambling practices such as starting and running an online book. Even though the council had cleared the changes, these changes are still needed to be voted by the council.

Video Sweepstakes Violates North Carolina Laws

The New Carolina Court of Appeals has given out a big blow to the sweepstakes industry by calling out the latest efforts and actions taken by the latter. The court literally slapped down the representation made by this group in which they supported the continuous operations of the sweepstakes in the state. It should be noted that such video games were available for the public over a long period of time. The main providers of such facilities not included bars and cafes but also convenience stores. Over the last few years, many legislations had been passed to curb this practice, but the vendors founded the lacunas in order to continue their businesses. Every time new legislation is approved to ban sweepstakes, the vendors go on to adjust the rules of the game in order to make them meet with the new regulations. This further leads to litigations in which courts generally give out ruling against the sweepstake industry.

Wyoming Still Pursuing Gambling Regulations

Even with the last-ditch effort made by the local Indian tribe, the Wyoming legislature is still pursuing gambling regulations to control the tribal gambling joints in their next year’s budget. In their recent meeting, the committee related to recreation made a statement that they will advance legislation that will help in expanding the duties of the Pari-Mutuel Commission while overseeing the horse racing and other gambling activities domestically as well as overseas. As per the draft of this proposal, the commission will be responsible for controlling the legalized gambling in any county, that chooses to implement this legislation. It also states that all the proceeds from the operations related to skilled games will be diverted to the local municipalities. Even though the committee has not supported gambling on a wholesale level but interesting counties will be allowed to make decisions regarding the implementation of legalized gambling. This draft also lists hiring the services of enforcement agencies to help the commission.

Ukraine Considering to Legalize Gambling

As expected, the Ukrainian President’s announcement to allow legal gambling in the country saw the first light, when the cabinet endorsed a bill related to legalized gambling. Apart from the other things, the draft of the law was endorsed by the cabinet of ministers and allows gambling in licensed five-star hotels only. It was also stipulated that all the gambling equipment must adhere to use the gaming software which meets the international standards of gaming. All of the gambling activities except for the lotteries were abolished in the country during 2009. Even with strict laws, illegal gaming operations still continued to date. The fun fact is that the people dealing in such activities just changed the signs of their billboards and continued to run sportsbooks and other casino activities behind closed doors. With the new legislation, all types of gambling activities will now be controlled by the government thus providing a safe and fair gaming environment to the public.