Gambling Laws Update – September 2018

Myanmar Tables Draft to Allow Casinos for Foreigners

In the month of August the legislative committee of Myanmar submitted a draft with latest amendments in order to make required changes in the country’s archaic and prospective gambling laws. If passed, these amendments will allow land based casino owners to provide their services to the foreigners, especially the tourists.

This draft was submitted by Public Affairs Management Committee in order to amalgamate certain changes in the Gambling Act of 1986. Currently gambling or any type of betting activity is banned in Myanmar even though there are many land based casinos operating in the areas controlled by both insurgents and the military.

If this bill is passed then new land based casinos will be permitted to run their business in Myanmar and provide their gambling services only to the tourists.

Greece to consider more licenses for gambling operators

Greece has the granted 24 interim licenses to gambling operators back in 2011, including William Hill and Betfair, and made provisions for a permanent licensing system to be set up.

According to a Greek site dedicated to froutakia (Greek word for slot games) the minister of finance is responsible for granting the final licenses to gambling operators. These licenses are valid for 5 years. So with the latest developments in Greece and the relief from the financial crisis, there is new interest from operators to start operating in Greece again

In Greece, all aspects of gambling activity are regulated by Law 4002/2011, which applies to land-based and online betting.

Poker Gets Sporting Status in Ukraine

One of the most popular card games, Poker, has been granted a new lease of life by the government of Ukraine. Now this game is classified as a sport.

In the earlier part of the last month, the document 3780 published by Ministry of Youth and Sport clearly states that “II.119 Sport Poker” which means that now poker has been registered under the list of recognized sports in Ukraine.

This latest move by the government took almost eight years since the first ban was imposed on this game. Before that ban, Poker was provided with a special distinction which separated it from other gambling options such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots. In 2010, under the guidelines of “On Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine 2009 act” it was concluded that game of Poker conflicted with the law, hence it was declared illegal.

Slovakia Getting Ready for New Gambling Law

Under the new draft, legislation submitted by Slovakia to European Commission, there is a proposition for major changes which will have a beneficial effect on the current gambling scenario of this country.

Going along with the other European countries which are getting ready to liberalize their gambling market, Slovakia is also looking forward to bring some major changes in its current gambling laws. Under the new draft, International companies will be allowed an easier access to its client base in Slovakia. This draft was submitted by Slovak Ministry of Finance in July of this year.

European Commission will take three months to review this proposal and if there is no objection then this draft will become a new law in the month of October, 2018. Under this new law, Slovakia will maintain its monopoly on bingo and online lottery via Tipos.

International gaming providers will be allowed to provide other online games after receiving the required licenses from the regulatory authorities.

MGM Springfield, USA Bans Underage Persons from Gaming Area

MGM Springfield resort casino is famous for its family fun time theme but there is now a new caveat which bans people under age of 21 from its gambling area. This new rule was introduced in order to give out the signs, under an expanded effort by the management, that underage gambling is not allowed on its premises.

The other rule also bans minors under the age of 16 to be allowed unaccompanied by their parents or guardians. As per the management of the MGM Springfield, “There are a lot of things that families can do,” Alex Dixon said. “One of the things that families can’t do all together is be on the gaming floor or partaking in gaming.

The overall goal is educating the public as to what minors can and cannot do on property and how to enjoy the resort responsibly.” Since its opening, MGM Springfield is getting more than hundred thousand visitors on every weekend. By restricting underage gambling, this resort is simply following the Massachusetts gambling laws which prohibits person under age of 21 to participate in any of the gambling activities.

Gambling Addiction Now a New Concern in West Virginia, USA

With the Football season coming on, punters from West Virginia are getting ready to bet upon their favorite teams. This is all due to the new law enacted by the state which now makes sports betting legal.

Even though it is a good news for sports enthusiasts who like to bet few dollars on their home teams to make it more interesting, but now there is a rising concern in public related to gambling addiction.

For those people who suffer from gaming addiction, The Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia is now providing its services. The main goal of this helpline is to provide the required help to all of the callers without any charge. Apart from this helpline, there are also other support groups which help people suffering from this psychological problem.

These networks provides self help material in the form of pamphlets and books in order to warn and help the recovering individuals.