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Red Star Belgrade Fans Endorse a Battle Tank in Stadium

Whether call it a revival of the Soviet era or rise of Russian influence in this part of the world, Red Star Belgrade fans have endorsed a wartime symbol to be placed in their stadium. This symbol is none other than a real Russian battle tank T-55 which was used in break up of Yugoslavia in the ‘90s. This decommissioned army tank has been parked in the front of the Red Star stadium just before the commencement of Champions League qualifying match between Red Star Belgrade and Young Boys. According to the Red Star fan club, this tank symbolizes their motto, “Machine has started.” It must be noted that the northern stand in this stadium is reserved for the most ardent supporters which are called Delije a.k.a “Tough Boys”. This new endorsement has triggered a strong response from the Croatia which had fought a bloody war against Yugoslavia. According to the Croatian media, the endorsement for parking a tank in the stadium is an act of provocation to which UEFA must react. Even the liberal fans of the Belgrade feel that this act is a glorification of war and this tank must be removed as soon as possible.

First Mini Soccer Pitch Unveiled at Sheehan-Basquil Park, Manchester   

The first of its kind mini-pitch facility got unveiled by the local officials at Sheehan-Basquil Park, Manchester. People who visited this site commented highly of this facility and hope that this will enable the local youth to participate in their favorite sport of football. This mini-pitch is constructed on former site of Adam Curtis Skate Park and is the 25th of such facilities built across North America. The major sponsors of this facility are the Southern New Hampshire University and Major League Soccer. According to Mayor Joyce Craig, this mini-pitch is quite important for the youth of the city. She further added that this facility will help young men from SNHU Center as well as for the local youth from the community by being a safe place for kids to indulge in sports activities.

Asmir Begovic Slams “Vile” Atmosphere at Stadiums

One of the most popular names in the Premier League, Asmir Begovic, slammed the vile and toxic behavior of the fans during the football matches. According to him, the atmosphere during the matches is so vile that he does not allow his kids to attend. It should be noted that he is one of the most experienced goalkeepers from the English Premier League and had played for different clubs ranging from Portsmouth to Chelsea. He is now currently playing for Bournemouth. Even with so much experience and the time he had spent in the country, he is still not able to get used to the vitriolic hatred of the people in the stands. According to him, there is heckling in almost all the sports but in football, it surpasses all the limits. In certain matches, there are thousands of fans who come together to harass a single player by calling him certain names. Asmir Begovic also condemned the car-jacking suffered by two players from Chelsea, Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac. He further linked this incident as part of the vile culture prevalent in the sport of football.

Homophobic Banners Stopped Match in France

In an unprecedented condition, a top-ranking soccer match was suspended for a short period of time in France. This incident happened when fans of a particular team unfurled some homophobic banners during the match. This Ligue 1 match was between Nice and Marseille and it was temporarily stopped for more than ten minutes during the first half of the match. During this suspension, match referee Clement Turpin was forced to escort players off the field. It all started when few banners criticizing more fenced sections in the stadium were unfurled. According to these banners by approving more fenced areas in the football stadiums makes the “stadium more gay”. It should be noted that “gay” word was printed on the rainbow flag endorsed by the LGBT community all over the world. The other banner referred to Jim Ratcliffe, the British billionaire, who had just recently taken over Nice by paying more than $100 million. This banner ridiculed Ratcliffe by using the term “pedale” which is French slur for homosexuals.

Iranian Woman Sets Herself Ablaze Over Being Tried for Attending a Football Match

In a tragic turn of events, a young woman from Iran set herself ablaze for being tried by the local court for attending a football match. This woman named Sahar was being tried for resisting arrest and trying to attend a football match while masquerading as a male. According to the spokesperson from Iranian judiciary, she engaged and physically confronted the security forces when they tried to stop her from entering the football stadium. At that time, she was resisting arrest which was based on insulting an officer on duty and not adhering to the Muslim dress code. She was arrested on the spot and later released in order to face trial at the court. On the day of her hearing, she was warned by one of her sources that she can go to prison for six months if the charges against her get proved. At her appearance before the judge, Sahar requested the judge to postpone the trial as she is required to attend a funeral. When she came out of the courthouse, she set herself ablaze. She was then rushed to the hospital as she received petrol fire burns covering 90 percent of her body. She later succumbed to her injuries in the Motahari hospital situated in Tehran.