Gambling laws around the world

Welcome to a website dedicated to gambling laws online around the world.

We will be keeping you up to date with  gambling laws and gambling restrictions on every part of the world. So if you are wondering if gambling is legal in your country all you have to do is browse through our website to find the answer. Different countries have different laws when it comes to gambling and these laws might change from time to time.

There is also the differentiation between gambling laws in different stats when it comes to the US so if you want to be up to date with the latest news and changes then you have landed on the right page.

Why is Gambling restricted in some countries

Gambling is not perceived the same way in every continent, let alone every country or even state when it comes to the USA. For example Gambling is legal under US federal law, although there are significant restrictions online gambling. Every state in the US is free to regulate or prohibit gambling according to their preference. The only two states in which casino-style gambling is legal statewide are Nevada ( Las Vegas of course!) and Louisiana .

So gambling might be restricted or even totally forbidden in some countries for various reasons. Some of which could be

  • Non regulated sector
  • Tax  reasons
  • Social reasons

Product specific restrictions

The other complicated part when it comes to gambling laws in different countries is the fact that in some countries there are specific products that are not allowed while other products are ok. For example a country might have restrictions for online and live casinos but might be OK when it comes to sports betting or virtual sports.

This has sometimes to do with local authorities having signed an exclusivity with a local or state operator which makes the the only operator that can provide casino gambling for example.

However, we have noticed that in the last few years this is changing a bit and more and more countries tend to regulate the gambling market and provide licenses for all products not just some.

Is Regulating Gambling necessary?

The short answer is yes. Operators and players want regulation because it makes them feel safer, especially when we are talking about hundreds of thousands of money that are involved.  Some operators might still operate in unregulated countries where the gambling law is either not clear or leaves a bit of a gap to do so, but the truth is that everyone is running a bit of a risk there.

Here is a table that is showing how much money are involved in the top 10 countries when it comes to gambling


COUNTRY GDPUS$ population GGY(US$) GGY per Capita
1. Australia 1,505,924 23.32 20,202.00 866
2. Hong Kong SAR 274,027 7.22 3,502.00 485
3. Canada 1,826,769 35.11 16,287.00 464
4. Finland 267,412 5.45 2,251.00 413
5. Italy 2,071,955 59.69 23,109.00 387
6. New Zealand 181,574 4.48 1,661.00 371
7. United States 16,768,050 316.50 100,827.00 319
8. Japan 4,898,530 127.34 40,495.00 318
9. Norway 512,581 5.10 1,531.00 300
10. United Kingdom 2,523,216 64.09 18,136.00 283

*According to 2013 Data from

** GGY = Gross Gaming Yield (what the customer actually loses gambling)

Singapore and Macau have been left out of the calculations because the high gross gaming yields are predominantly created by tourists from China and the rest of Asia.